Zakład Konstukcji Stalowych

    An important part of our company. A huge complex: a big production hall, buildings — workshops and spacious storage and trans-shipment site on the outskirts of the city.
     This is the place where hundreds of kilometres of bridges and viaducts have been assembled as well as tens of industrial structures, public buildings and unconventional structures.
     Certainly, apart designing and performing the structure, according to the Investor's needs, we provide both transport, lifting services and assembly (along with its design) — complex support and performance of the contract.
It cannot be underestimated that Steel Structures Manufacturing Yard has its own laboratory and the qualifications issued by the Infrastructure Ministry to perform, assemble and renovate road and railway viaducts — regardless of the span length.

    Our references comprise over one hundred structures, from tiny footbridges, through uncommon pylons, to the huge bridge on the Vistula river. Lots of structures, dispersed all around the country, and here, on the website, presented in section: Projects.

   Thanks to the extra facilities (workshops and equipment named above), we can offer a wide range of other services, you can read about in section: Special services, rental services.

Steel Structures Manufacturing Yard by Gotowski
ul.Glinki 144, 85-861 Bydgoszcz
phone +48 52 361 08 19, fax +48 52 361 08 44
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