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Bydgoszcz. Viaduct to be widened and modernised.

At the moment the viaduct on Wojska Polskiego street has only got a three-lane roadway. A few years ago the edge lane was separated from the traffic with concrete blocks and designed for pedestrians. This atypical solution will not be necessary any longer due to the renovation. When the work has been completed, drivers will be able to move along all three lanes. The edge right lane will be dedicated to drivers turning into the stack exchange and going to National Road No 5. The extended viaduct will also host over 5-metre-wide path for pedestrians and cyclists, separated from the roadway with steel safety barriers. It will improve safety of the traffic users. Also, the access roads will be modernised. The project includes the replacement of spans, the performance of new pillars under the wider span from the south — the old pillars will also be strengthened with the reinforced concrete coat, the abutments will be extended.

The cost of the modernisation will be over 13 million PLN. When the work start in summer, the viaduct will be closed for traffic. Temporary access roads will be constructed to enable contraflow to the adjacent northern viaduct. The renovation and extension is likely to take about 7 months.

The viaduct on Wojska Polskiego street is a part of a significant intersection of local streets, running to the near residential areas in the south of the city, with Jana Pawła street, which is a part of National Road No 5 (Wrocław—Poznań—Bydgoszcz—Gdańsk).
Viaduct in numbers:
• length — 112.15 m
• width — 17.88m
• roadway width — 11.50 m.


Owner: City Roads and Public Transport Authority in Bydgoszcz
Contractor: Firma Gotowski

Gotowski Industry and Transport Buildings and Structures